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Dog Days or Training Time

It depends on how organized you are, this could be vacation time. Or, it could be preparation time. Whatever you are doing, have a look at Ilya Somin's view on the protection of same -sex marriage.

Also of interest is Rick Pildes' take on the Independent State Legislature Theory. Rick and Carolyn Schapiro will be our guests for a panel on September 29 on this topic. You can sign up here.

It is going to be pretty challenging to teach about constitutional law and state and local in the rapidly evolving case law environment this year. How are you planning to do this? Send comments to, and we will publish.

Finally, for those who think states are undervalued by the media as an engine of policy, when Jane Mayer writes about your stuff, it is like when Whole Foods opens in your neighborhood. Have a look here. We can't guarantee it is not paywalled. Kind of like Whole Foods, when you think about it.


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