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Labor Day Edition of Swan's Picks, and A Call for Pitches

This week's edition of Swan's Picks features the reversal at the trial court level of the Texas "Death Star" preemption bill. The Texas AG has vowed to appeal. For Managing Editor, any state bill that contains a Star Wars reference is a strong contender to be included in the first state and local government law class of the semester, and this was in mine. Anything highly salient that you included in Class 1 (profs)? Any cases or legislation from IRL that you want to lift up (practitioners)? Send us your pitches--they can go direct to . There sure is a lot to talk about. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Judge declares Texas “Death Star” bill law unconstitutional | The Texas Tribune

The Invention of a Neighborhood, by Jonathan Lethem | The New Yorker

Coffee City, Texas has 250 residents and 50 police officers | How an effort to fund Texas schools equitably is shortchanging them | The Texas Tribune

Alabama can prosecute those who help women travel for abortion, attorney general says - Michael Moritz, Reid Hoffman and Other Silicon Valley Titans Said to Be Behind Mysterious Land Deals - The New York Times ( Disney Firefighters Upset by Board Moving to Cut Their Park Passes (

Baltimore’s record police spending isn’t reducing crime (

NYPD has stopped tens of thousands of people under Mayor Adams. Just 5% were white. - Gothamist

Tiny Forests With Big Benefits - The New York Times (

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