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Public Health Preemption Webinar

Preemption & Policymaking in Public Health Law: From Local to Global Virtual Webinar From our colleagues at SALPAL ChangeLab Solutions and the O’Neill Institute on National and Global Health Global Tuesday, June 7th 1 - 2:30 PM EST Preemption means that a higher level of government (e.g., federal or state government) may limit or eliminate the power of a lower level of government (e.g., state or local government) to regulate a specific issue. In the past decade, preemptive laws have increasingly been used to thwart localities’ ability to promote public health and advance equity. ChangeLab Solutions, the Georgetown Project on State and Local Government Policy and Law (SALPAL), and the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law are hosting a webinar that will introduce participants to the roles of various levels of government in public health policymaking and the ways that preemption is interfering with local democratic processes, both in the United States and abroad. Tune in on Tuesday, June 7, at 10am PT / 1pm ET for this comprehensive 90-minute webinar with keynote remarks by Dr. Jewel Mullen and three panel discussions. The first panel will explore recent preemption trends, their origins, and how they relate to the advancement of health equity. The second panel will consider transnational perspectives and discuss how public health authority is allocated between levels of government in other regions. The third panel will discuss preemption in the context of harm reduction efforts.

To get the Zoom link, please contact SALPAL State and Local Justice Fellow Kathryn Randolph at


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