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Summer Highlights from Our Contributors

It's July, and you all are busy, it seems, writing. Here are a couple of links to work from our contributors.

First, from Michael Pollack, this meditation in Slate, on the regulation of sidewalks. And for another perspective, Vanessa Casado Perez last year wrote her own take on sidewalks in SLoG Law, here.

Also this week, from Brian Highsmith, who reviewed David Schleicher's new book last week, check out this new post on the LPE Project blog on how the City of Jackson water crisis illustrates problems of self-governance, jurisdictional boundaries and structural power. Very thoughtful take, particularly if you teach the City of Jackson case in your local government law class!

Are you writing something you want to preview, or have an idea that may not merit a full article, but needs to get out into the ecosystem? Send us your pitch. Published elsewhere, but want to let our readers know? Send the link.

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