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Swan's Picks 10/6; and some thoughts on "second best" interventions in transportation safety policy

Before getting to Swan's Picks for this week, here is a suggested reading from Gregory Shill, University of Iowa College of Law, on some ways that second-best interventions may pick up quick gains on transportation safety policy. Drawing from economic theory, "second best" interventions are self-consciously designed to reach for the best policy that can be achieved quickly. See more on what Shill has to say here, including suggestions for more bollards, better streetlights, and other improvements.

Here the picks (including some from last week) and an observation from Managing Editor: Jerusalem Demsas, over at the Atlantic has been doing some incredible reporting on urban policy and state-local issues. A shout-out for those who are bringing this content to a wider readership. See the fifth pick for this week, her take on the mystery city sprouting in Solano County, about an hour outside San Francisco.


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