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Swan’s Picks; and Thanks

It's the beginning of Spring Semester, and SLoGLaw wants to thank Sarah Swan for faithfully making these picks every week. We also want to acknowledge Sarah's new gig at Rutgers Law School. The picks are coming to you on a Monday, rather than the usual Friday placement. Why? Because Kathryn Randolph, our wonderful Fellow at SALPAL, which administers the Blog, has completed her time with us. It was Kathryn who made sure that the links worked each week, and brought the Picks to you.

For the Spring, we are pleased to announce that we will have a Symposium in March on Co-CIties by Sheila R. Foster and Christain Iaione, forthcoming from MIT Press. We know that some of you have books in the offing, and we welcome your suggestions for reviewers on this site.


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