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Swan's Picks: Feb. 9 and Feb. 17 Consolidated Edition

We're pleased to give you last week today, in addition to the week's picks. For those who want a preview of what else is to come, check out links to prefiled bills in the upcoming legislative sessions in Florida and Texas. In Florida, an effort to reverse attacks there on same-sex marriage; tightening of inspection laws to prevent another Surfside condo collapse in addition to the Reedy Creek bill noted below; and enacted already, and signed yesterday, authorization to fund Governor Ron DeSantis' moves to fly undocumented people from Florida and Texas to sanctuary jurisdictions nationwide. In Texas, three bills that would restrict academic freedom in the University of Texas system; and one to interfere with judicial independence. Have a good Presidents' Day weekend.

Florida's DeSantis to Take Control of Disney’s District Board in New Bill - Bloomberg

White reps vote to create white-appointed court for Blackest city in America - Mississippi Today Across metro Atlanta, large companies are buying up single-family houses ( Federal EPA reviewing discrimination complaint filed over Hartford flooding and sewage backups – Hartford Courant Bill in Congress Rewards Removing Police From Traffic Stops - Bloomberg

Los Angeles is painting some of its streets white and the reasons why are pretty cool - CBS News

East Palestine residents wonder whether it's safe to return after derailment - The Washington Post

Wall Street Is Losing Out to First Time Homebuyers This Housing Slump - Bloomberg Robbing From the Poor to Educate the Rich | The Nation

Guess Who Loses After Florida and Texas Bar Wall Street ESG Banks? - Bloomberg

Guaranteed income embraced by leaders of some of largest US counties - ABC News (

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