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Swan's Picks--Spring Holiday Edition and a comment on hypocrisy

When Managing Editor worked in state government one statehouse reporter she knew had a sign on his desk, quoting a 19th Century New York surrogate judge "'No man's life, liberty or property are safe when the Legislature is in session" The attack on city power on display through the expulsion of representatives Justin Jones of Nashville and Justin Pearson of Memphis from the Tennessee House of Representatives on April 6 is an outrage. Let's remember what they were protesting: the refusal of the state legislature to take action on gun safety in response to yet another urban school shooting, while depriving the City of Nashville of the ability to protect its little children and their teachers though preemption of local gun safety measures. Further, it was two young Black legislators expelled, and not the third Member, an older white woman who had joined hands with them. Hard to miss the implications of that. Send us your thoughts on what is going on with the state legislature you know best, or others around the country. Upbeat submissions welcome, too. Send to

The preaching above is Managing Editor. Swan's Picks for this week are below:

Cities Move to Protect Trees on Private Land - Route Fifty (

Idaho Passes Law To Restrict Interstate Travel For Abortion Care For Minors | HuffPost Latest News

Rich NYC Suburbs Fight Hochul's Housing Plan They Say Will 'Destroy' Them - Bloomberg

Styrofoam is Officially Banned in the City of San Diego – NBC 7 San Diego ( Pennsylvania County Lawsuit Says Addictive Social Media Sites Harm Youth - Bloomberg

Is Safe Streets working? Hopkins study finds significant impacts to gun violence, despite other challenges - The Baltimore Banner

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As we go live with this week's Swan's Picks, we are saddened to learn of the loss of a First: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the nation's first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Justice O'Connor's juri

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